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Success Coaching Guru Khai McBride on The Chris Treece Show

Please join me Tuesday, December 1st at 1 PM CST as my guest will be Success Coaching Guru Khai McBride.  Call in Number is 347-633-9495 

Khai is a speaker, trainer & success coach for the mortgage/real estate industries, small businesses and sales professionals.He graduated from California State University Northridge with a BS in Business Administration and spent his first 10 years in the technology industry as a Project Manager/Database Expert. In 2002, he entered the mortgage industry and, using database marketing as his primary strategy, built a thriving mortgage business that allowed him to fund over $300 million in production. He heavily endorses the use of simple systems so you can spend more of your time growing your business and less of your time caught in the minutia. Though his strategies are simple, they are extremely effective and he has spent the last four years teaching his knowledge to those looking to take their business past barriers and reach higher production levels.


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Bravo TV Star Madison Hildebrand on The Chris Treece Show

Please join me Tuesday, November 24th at 11 AM CST as my guest will be “Million Dollar Listings” star Madison Hildebrand from Bravo TV.  Call in Number is 347-633-9495 

Madison Hildebrand is one of Malibu’s most sought after celebrity real estate agents. After graduating from Pepperdine University, he began pursuing his real estate license and earned a mentorship with one of the top-producing agents in the nation. He sold his first home for $2.8 million dollars to a celebrity and is continuing to sell in all ranges, even in excess of $20 million dollars.

He is also author of the book, Activate YOUR Passion, Create YOUR Career inspired and published to help others to achieve success professionally and personally.  Click on the link to order.

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“Think Great” Author Erik Therwanger on The Chris Treece Show

Please Join me Wedensday November 18th as we interview Erik Therwanger, Author of the book “Think Great”.  Show time is 11 AM CST.  Call in Number is 347-633-9495

My guest today proudly served in the Marine Corp and served as a Corporal. 10 Months after he married his wife they received the news she had NON-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Due to the hectic schedule of being Gina’s caretaker, Erik left the entertainment field and began working as an independent contractor in the financial services industry in order to earn income and control his schedule. This time period caused him to seek out a greater life while achieving balance in their current situation. Erik applied the Think GREAT program to his new career and quickly became a top producer in his office and was one of the fastest to be promoted to the position of Marketing Director. He was often requested to speak to teams of financial professionals at different locations across the country. Erik returned to the entertainment field over 4 years later and took an entry-level position to get his foot back in the door. Once again, by applying the techniques & strategies of Think GREAT, he was promoted to the level of Vice President within 18 months and helped the company build a leadership team, enhance its sales team, and more than double its revenue. Erik is an inspirational speaker offering a unique coaching method. Detailed in his book, Think GREAT, Erik not only delivers a powerful story, but inspires members of every organization to Think GREAT and achieve greatness, personally and professionally. Erik combined the survival techniques of the Marine Corps and of being a caretaker to create the Think GREAT program. By learning to Think GREAT, we were not only able to climb out of our situation, we were able to light up the path to achieving greatness in many important areas of our lives: relationships with family and friends, finances, health and fitness, and personal interests. 6 years after going into remission, Gina gave birth to our beautiful baby girl. Today, our daughter is 3 years old! When you Think GREAT anything is possible!

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Peter Pasternack of “Flip This House” on The Chris Treece Show

Please Join me Mondat November 16th as we interview Peter Pasternack, start o the hit TV show “Flip This House” on A&E.  Show time is 11 AM CST.  Call in Number is 347-633-9495

Peter’s eye is keenly focused on the bottom line and the future. He is responsible for the operational and financial aspects of Foundations Investment Group, as well as the company’s long-term growth. Peter began his career at Price Waterhouse before moving to the banking industry where he gained over 20 years of experience. He’s financed over 500 businesses, and knows firsthand why some ventures succeed and many fail. Even while the real estate market is in a slump and good deals are hard to find, Peter’s know-how and money-making instinct keep him in the flipping biz. 

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