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“Dead Write” Author Sheila Lowe on The Chris Treece Show

Please Join The Chris Treece Show on Wednesday, January 27th at 11 am CST as my guest will be “Dead Write” Author and Forensic Handwriting Expert Sheila Lowe.  Call in number is 347-633-9495.    

Like her character Claudia Rose in her award-winning Forensic Handwriting Mysteries series (Penguin’s Obsidian Mysteries), Sheila Lowe is a real-life court-qualified handwriting expert who testifies in a variety of handwriting-related cases. With more than forty years experience in the field of handwriting analysis, she’s a frequent guest in the media when there are interesting handwritings to comment on. Most recently, Us Weekly magazine asked for her opinion about Tiger Woods’. She’s also the author of the internationally acclaimed The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Handwriting Analysis, and Handwriting of the Famous & Infamous, and the acclaimed Sheila Lowe’s Handwriting Analyzer software. She’s currently working on her Master’s Thesis in psychology and a non-fiction book: Relationship Reruns, why do I keep dating losers?


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eMothers At Home Founder And CEO Lynesa Williams on The Chris Treece Show

Please Join The Chris Treece Show on January 25th, 2010 at 11 am CST as my guest will be eMAH Founder and CEO Lynesa Williams.  Call in number is 347-633-9495.   

In December 1996, Lynesa L. Williams was at the height of her career. Despite the fact that she was very successful in corporate America, she knew something major was missing in her life. She had no clue what it was, but realized she had to figure it out. That led her to embark upon a journey to discover her WHY – her true purpose of existence. 

“If your WHY doesn’t make you cry, it’s not strong enough,” says Lynesa. “The WHY behind us all should be filled with the WOW of who we are. What we yearn to do, long to do, would do for free…it is the WOW in our WHY that makes us cry, and ultimately fly.” 

After two years of deep study in the book of Proverbs 31, Lynesa finally understood that life is so much more than just having a job. She discovered God’s blessing to all WOMEN, journaled her findings and wrote her first book, “Take the Popcorn out of Your Pancakes.” This riveting book details Lynesa’s life and journey and will serve as one of your trusted guides to becoming a True Proverbs 31 Woman and a Mother-at-Home. 

Lynesa is able to talk the talk because she has definitively walked the walk — a walk filled with pain, uncertainty, fear, and ultimately joy and blessings. She has been through what so many of us have been through…instability, problems with our home life, children, partners, finances, and the stark and painful reality that somewhere along the line she had somehow lost herself. 

Lynesa Williams is currently the inspirational founder of eMothers-at-Home (eMAHs) – an amazing organization that teaches WOMEN how to become a True Proverbs 31 Woman by discovering their passion and purpose and turning it into a profitable business.

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“Anything” Author Marianne-Leigh Sanchez Ellazar on The Chris Treece Show

Marianne-Leigh Sanchez Ellazar of Toronto has been putting pen to paper since she was just 10 years old and continues to write and sketch daily. But she found new inspiration when her son, Kaizen, was born.

“One day, as I watched him play, I started writing notes to him; something he could read later,” Sanchez Ellazar says. “I wanted him to know that he could be anything he wanted to. At such a young age, I didn’t know how he could understand that. What began as a letter became a book.”

The book, entitled Anything, follows the struggles of a young elephant trying to grow up fast. As he learns and interacts with many new things, he discovers that choices have to be made in order to move on. The message of the book is that children can become successful in their chosen paths by remembering the lessons and love they receive from their parents.

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VH1 “Tough Love” Star Steven Ward on “The Chris Treece Show”

Please Join The Chris Treece Show on January 18th, 2010 at 11 am CST as my guest will be VH1 “Tough Love” Star Steven Ward.  Call in number is 347-633-9495.   

Throughout his life, Steven Ward has been immersed in his mother’s matchmaking business. Learning from his mother, JoAnn, the basics of a solid relationship — trust, respect and communication — Steven was destined for a career in the family business. 

In addition to emerging as a Master Matchmaker in his own right, with scores of long- term relationships and marriages under his belt, Steven has been instrumental in implementing critical technological improvements, allowing Master Matchmakers’ clients to have the accessibility and convenience offered by online dating services while also incorporating the interpersonal matching approach used by his mother for nearly two decades. 

Steven, with on-air counsel from JoAnn, strives to transform a group of women’s destructive dating by putting them through his “VH1 Tough Love Boot Camp,” with the ultimate goal of finding true love for each woman in the house.

The man behind the toughness, Steven Ward, is the sort of character that reality TV loves — he’s blunt, quick on his feet and most importantly, divisive. The professional matchmaker, self-proclaimed “dating pathologist” and center of VH1 Tough Love is a walking water-cooler conversation, with one camp subscribing to his methods, another writing him off as a sadistic misogynist and yet another falling somewhere in between. No matter which camp you belong to, the introductory interview below should be enough to challenge and support your views on the man. In it Steven talks about his background, the game of romance and the first episode of VH1 Tough Love.

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Meet The New Tennessee Vols Head Coach Derek Dooley

Derek Dooley has the Southern accent, the coaching pedigree and is doing his best to reassure Tennessee fans their new coach appreciates where he’s now working.

“How can you ask for anything more than the University of Tennessee?” Dooley said Friday.

The son of Georgia legend Vince Dooley was introduced as the Vols’ second new head coach in 14 months, replacing Lane Kiffin days after he bolted for Southern California. Among his first challenges will be reassuring fans and players that he wants to be at Tennessee.

“The times of worrying about what happened is over,” Dooley said.

Dooley talked about how he learned early that Tennessee represented the essence of college football, and remembers watching the weekly television shows of former coaches Johnny Majors and Phillip Fulmer. He also promised he will not try to sell Tennessee in a sound bite, perhaps taking a shot at Kiffin, who was reprimanded by the Southeastern Conference for brash comments.  

“Everything we’re going to do is going to be done with a foundation of integrity with every aspect of the program,” Dooley said. “We’re going to represent this institution with class on and off the field.”

Dooley was offered the job late Friday afternoon, resigned as coach and athletic director of Louisiana Tech, and flew into Knoxville for the late news conference. He brings along a son with a name popular in Tennessee — Peyton — just like Kiffin, who named his young son Knox after taking the Vols’ job in December 2008.

“I am finally happy to be in a state where Peyton will be well received,” Dooley said of his 8-year-old son, whose name conjures memories of Vols’ star four-time NFL MVP Peyton Manning.

Like his predecessor, Dooley comes with a short head coaching resume.

He went 17-20 in three seasons at Louisiana Tech and was the only coach in major college football to also serve as the athletic director. He holds a law degree and previously worked for several years under Nick Saban at LSU and with the Miami Dolphins.

Tennessee athletic director Mike Hamilton said Dooley agreed that coaching the Vols is a destination job. He praised him for a five-year tutelage under Saban and for helping the current Alabama coach land two No. 1 recruiting classes at LSU.  “I’ve talked to a number of folks over the past 24 hours,” Hamilton said. “He’s been described as very intelligent, intense, disciplined, hard-nosed, a tenacious recruiter, a family guy and extremely well-organized.”

The Volunteers introduced him three nights after Kiffin abruptly quit, bolting to USC only 14 months into his tenure with the Vols. Dooley was hired from a list of candidates believed to include Texas defensive coordinator Will Muschamp, Air Force coach Troy Calhoun, Duke coach David Cutcliffe and Utah coach Kyle Whittingham.

Dooley’s limited head coaching experience — like Kiffin, whose only head coaching stint had been a brief, bad one with the Oakland Raiders — makes him a risky pick. But the new coach’s uncle, former North Carolina and Virginia Tech coach Bill Dooley, voiced his support.

“He’ll do well anywhere he goes, and at Tennessee, he would do very well,” Bill Dooley said in a phone interview from his home in Wilmington, N.C. “When you get a law degree, it gives you a little notch up. He’s got his feet on the ground. He’s levelheaded.

Dooley’s father coached at rival Georgia from 1964-88 and won the 1980 national title. He did not return a call to his cell phone seeking comment, but his son said his father is excited.

Derek Dooley worked as LSU’s recruiting coordinator and tight ends coach from 2000 through 2003’s signing day, landing classes rated No. 1 in 2001 and ’03. He coached LSU’s running backs and special teams in 2003-04.

He followed Saban to the Dolphins as tight ends coach in 2005 before leaving for Louisiana Tech in December 2006.

Dooley was a receiver in college at Virginia. After earning his law degree from Georgia, he worked as an attorney for two years before starting his coaching career at Georgia in 1996 as a graduate assistant. He also worked as assistant recruiting coordinator at SMU from 1997-99 until being hired by Saban.

He went to Louisiana Tech in December 2006 as one of the youngest coaches in the Football Bowl Subdivision and added the athletic director title in March 2008.

Dooley led the Bulldogs to their first bowl victory in more than three decades, beating Northern Illinois in the 2008 Independence Bowl.

“We are grateful for the contributions that Derek made to Louisiana Tech Athletics and we wish him luck in his new position,” Louisiana Tech President Dan Reneau said.

Louisiana Tech has appointed offensive coordinator Frank Scelfo to be its interim football coach and formed a committee to find a full-time replacement for Dooley.

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“The Social Media Scientist” Dan Zarrella on The Chris Treece Show

Please Join The Chris Treece Show on January 13, 2010 at 11 am CST as my guest will be “The Social Media Scientist”  Dan Zarrella.  He will be discussing his new book, “The Social Media Marketing Book”.  Call in number is 347-633-9495.  

Dan Zarrella is an award winning social, search, and viral marketing scientist and author of the upcoming O’Reilly media book “The Social Media Marketing Book”. He has a background in web development and combines his programming capabilities with a passion for social marketing to create applications like the social URL shortener, Link Attraction Factors keyword tools, as well as TweetPsych, TwitterBrandSponsors, TweetBacks and TweetSuite.
His Link Attraction Factors report helped readers determine which topics, days, times, and keywords attract links in social media stories for semantic content optimization, while his Viral Content report details the motivations, preferences and habits involved in online content sharing.
Dan has written extensively about the science of viral marketing, memetics and social communications on his own blog and for a variety of popular industry blogs, including Mashable, CopyBlogger, ReadWriteWeb, Plagiarism Today, ProBlogger, Social Desire, CenterNetworks, Nowsourcing, and SEOScoop.
He has been featured in The Twitter Book, Fast Company, The Financial Times, NYPost, The Boston Globe, Forbes, Wired, The Wall Street Journal, Mashable and TechCrunch. He was recently awarded Shorty and Semmy awards for social media & viral marketing.
He has spoken at PubCon, Search Engine Strategies, Iowatasmic, Convergence ’09, 140 The Twitter Conference, The Cool Twitter Conference, WordCamp Mid Atlantic, Social Media Camp, Inbound Marketing Bootcamp, and The Texas Domains and Developers Conference, and he currently works as an inbound marketing manager at HubSpot.

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“The Networking Queen” Denai Vaughn on The Chris Treece Show

Join me Monday, January 11th on The Chris Treece Show as my guest will be “The Networking Queen” Denai Vaughn.   Show Time is 11AM CST. Call in number is 347-633-9495

Do more. Be more. Achieve more.  YOU ARE WORTH IT!  There are simple tools, tips and techniques for increasing our networking success both online and offline. The difference is knowing WHEN you are ready to go to the next level and WHO to have help you shoot for the moon!  Denai’s skills and talents are capitalized upon each and every day by men & women around the world who seek to grow their business and minimize their bottom line. She is a woman who prides herself in connecting others with WHO they need to know WHEN they need to know them. Through strategic alliances and synergistic partnerships she continues to network with some of America’s most loved and most amazing people, companies, and organizations. Many are impacting the nations!

Denai has been blessed by having amazing coaches and mentors in her life, to include the renowned Master of influence, Jason Sisneros, ever-knowledgeable Patrick Dougher of Doer Success Systems, and an incredible life coach, Darlene Stark.  She continues her quest for knowledge by surrounding herself by the amazing instructors, to include the infamous Niurka, astonishing Michael Bernoff, Three-Time Olympian Rueben Gonzalez, comical Jerry Clark, sensational Chris Widener, and Erik “Mr. Brightside” Swanson. All have provided invaluable training, insight, motivation, and accountability. Another “feather in her cap” is being selected out of THOUSANDS to share the stage with many of these celebrities during their seminars and events throughout the United States!

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Talking Football on The Chris Treece Show with Vince Moore

Vince Moore and I will break down the BCS National Championship game between Alabama and Texas.  Alabama won it’s first National Championship since 1992.  This is the 4 BCS Championship for the Powerful SEC.

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The Big Money Speaker James Malinchak on “The Chris Treece Show”

Join me Wednesday, January 6th on The Chris Treece Show as my guest will be “The Big Money Speaker” James Malinchak.   Show Time is 1:30 PM CST. Call in number is 347-633-9495

James Malinchak has delivered over 2,200 motivational presentations at conferences and meetings worldwide, and was named Consummate Speaker of the Year by Sharing Ideas professional speakers’ magazine. He has appeared in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and several hundred other publications.

James began his sales career right out of college as a stockbroker with a major Wall Street Investment Firm and was awarded Most Outstanding Performance (twice) and #1 in New Account Openings (twice). While in his twenties, James became a partner in a company that handled the investments for many famous entertainers, authors and professional athletes.

Currently, James owns three businesses, has authored eight books, and has read and researched over 1,500 books on personal and professional development. He is a Contributing Author to, and serves as Associate Editor for, the #1 New York Times Best-Selling book series Chicken Soup for the Soul,® with his own personal stories published in Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul, Chicken Soup for the Kid’s Soul and Chicken Soup for the Prisoner’s Soul. James is the Co-Author of the upcoming book, Chicken Soup for the Athlete’s Soul.

James mixes enthusiasm and humor with motivational stories to deliver a high content message that “Empowers Audiences to Achieve Extraordinary Results!”

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Mortgage Expert Sue Woodard on “The Chris Treece Show”

Join me Monday, January 4th on The Chris Treece Show as my guest will be Mortgage Expert Sue Woodard.   Show Time is 11 AM CST. Call in number is 347-633-9495

Sue Woodard is the President of Content and Publishing for Mortgage Success Source, the combined entities of the Mortgage Market Guide, LoanToolBox and the Duncan Group.  This organization helps more than 40,000 of America’s best originators with products and services designed to help them grow their businesses and achieve success.  

Sue has held many different roles during her sixteen years in the mortgage industry, and her top producing team maintains a profitable and thriving origination practice in Minneapolis MN.  She is also a highly sought-after international speaker, trainer, writer and consultant for the mortgage and real estate industries.  

Sue had her own financial radio show, been featured on NBC and CBS Live News Radio, and has also been a guest on CNBC’s SquawkBox and Jim Cramer’s Mad Money.  She is a member of her local Mortgage Association and Board of Realtors, the Women’s Council of Realtors, and is on the National Advisory Board for Ellie Mae.

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