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Professional Counselor and Family Therapist Melody Brooke on The Chris Treece Show

Please Join The Chris Treece Show on April 19, 2010 at 11 am CST as my guest will be Professional Counselor and Family Therapist Melody Brooke.  Call in number is 347-633-9495.  

Melody received her Masters in Counseling and Guidance from TWU.

First she worked with adolescents and their families. Success there required helping everyone see each other’s perspective. When Melody entered private practice she was drawn to working with severely emotionally disturbed clients. Behind their seemingly irrational behavior she saw rational processes controlled by a viewpoint distorted by years of abuse. 

Melody’s model evolved from understanding the distortions her clients used to survive in a scary world. Her techniques transformed their lives and allowed many of them to return to the workplace for the first time in decades. The results are just as remarkable when applied to the workplace and even couples and families. What she loves about sharing these tools with “normal” people is the ripple effect it has on their co-workers, children, spouses and parents. 

Practicing what she preaches, Melody is now happily married and has five children enjoying the ripple effect in her own life. 

Melody is a Professional Counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist, graduating Texas Woman’s University in 1989. She is published in Radix Journal, Dallas Recovery Magazine, The Southwest Morticians Journal, Plano Child Magazine, on the Dan and Jennifer Relationship website, multiple sites on the web, and is the author of Cycles of the Heart, Oh Wow, This changes everything, and The This is Great Sex workbook.

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LIVE IT, LOVE IT, EARN IT Author Marianna Olszewski on The Chris Treece Show

Please Join The Chris Treece Show on April 14th, 2010 at 11 AM  CST as my guest will be Life Coach and Author Marianna Olszewski.  Call in number is 347-633-9495.

Marianna Olszewski wasn’t always rich, happy, and fabulous.  But her strapped-for-cash childhood motivated her to strive for abundance and financial independence — goals she exceeded by age thirty as a successful business owner and respected Wall Street player.  

Now she shares the lessons she learned on her own road to success and riches in LIVE IT, LOVE IT, EARN IT: A Woman’s Guide to Financial Freedom (to be published by Portfolio in January 2010).  She shows women of all ages how to break bad money habits and take control of their finances so they can lead happier, richer lives.  A sample of her tips:   

  • Fall in Love with Your Money: Having a cavalier attitude toward money is part of the reason many of us find ourselves in a financial pickle. But when you treat your money with respect, keep track of it and spend and save it wisely your money will always love you back. 
  • Act as If: If you think that change is impossible, think again. Start your transformation by acting as if you already are as successful, intelligent, and prosperous as you want to be. 
  • Say Yes to Yourself: Turn toward people and situations that enhance your life and well being, and away from those that don’t.  Until you start affirming your future through both thought and action, your efforts to improve your finances will fall flat. 

LIVE IT, LOVE IT, EARN IT is full of true stories of ordinary women who have overcome obstacles like climbing the corporate ladder, getting themselves out of debt, and changing jobs mid-career.  Marianna also shares insights and savvy strategies from various highly accomplished women like fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg and Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn.

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The Color Me Jazzmyne “15hr Amazing Grab Bag” Blast Event! On The Chris Treece Show

Please Join The Chris Treece Show on April 13th, 2010 at 11 AM  CST as my guest will be “Color Me Jazzmyne” Author Marian L. Thoms for The 15 Hour Amazing Grab Bag Blast Event.  Call in number is 347-633-9495.

Welcome to The Color Me Jazzmyne “15 hr Amazing Grab Bag” Blast Event!

Did you know that April is the official National Child Abuse Prevention Month?

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My Guest today was born in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois but currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She debuted her title Color Me Jazzmyne, in February of 2009. Received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Communications and graduated Magna Cum Laude. Was featured in the Atlanta Skirt! Magazine as one of Atlanta’s 9to5 Business Women in the Media field and Crossroads News, an East Metro Atlanta paper graced the Author with a feature story on her book. Author Marian L .Thomas delivers a book that discusses real-life issues including teen pregnancy and abuse. She cuts to the core of serious subject matter: rape and the cutthroat world of the music business and lands the reader into the thick of a good story. While the book is not particularly about Marian L. Thomas, the book does represent some of the emotions and attitudes that all of us have once had or experienced. After reading this novel, you will too discover what col-ors are in your crayon box.


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InterStark Media Founder Michael Hillebrand on The Chris Treece Show

Please Join The Chris Treece Show on April 12th, 2010 at 11 AM  CST as my guest will be InterStark Media, LLC Founder and CEO Michael Hillebrand.  Call in number is 347-633-9495.

Michael Hillebrand is the CEO of business marketing and consulting firm, InterStark Media, LLC. 

Located in Kansas City, InterStark Media helps businesses from small to large develop strategies for online based growth and development.  Michael got his start at the age of 15 when he started his first business.  He had the itch to start a car audio business which he ran just for fun. After having his audio system stolen when he was 16, Michael  made his business a reality and started selling audio systems to friends and others in his high school. Once in college Michael moved to starting an advertising company in which he helped print marketing and advertising materials for several fortune 500 companies.  When the company became too big for him to manage on his own, he sold the company and started a marketing company.

Today, Michael spends his days networking with business professionals and continuing to build his company. When he is not working, he enjoys spending time with his now 5 year old son and playing hockey.

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“Can You Say That” Author Mike Clark on The Chris Treece Show

Please Join The Chris Treece Show on April 7th, 2010 at 11 AM  CST as my guest will be “Can You Say That” Author Mike Clark.  Call in number is 347-633-9495.

Born and raised in Charlotte NC.  A single father who spent time in the US Air Force and is a desert Storm veteran. Has spent the last 15 or so yrs in corporate america and wanders why?  That experience of watching people claw and scratch their way to the top at others expense has gave him a unique perspective on the nuances and tendencies of the world around us.
He has published an ebook ( Titled “Can You Say That”) on all that he has learned and seen and says the things that most of us want to but can’t find the words.  If you are amused by the status quo, corporate america, govt idiocy, the complexity of relationships or the insane society in which we live he has probably already addressed it.  He is always searching for the things that need to be said and gladly accepts the post as spokesperson.
Says his life goal is to retire, grow his hair out and pray that social security is still there!!

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The Marketing Evangelist Tim Davis on The Chris Treece Show

Please Join The Chris Treece Show on April 5th, 2010 at 11 AM  CST as my guest will be “The Marketing Evangelist” Tim Davis.  Call in number is 347-633-9495.

Tim Davis AKA The marketing evangelist is a speaker, author and entreprenuer. He has successfully started numerous companies and has written several books, including Dude Seriously, Clear to Close, Maximize Your Potential and others. In addition he has spoken to audiences all across America and even shared the stage with Tony Robbins. Thousands of sales people from all “denominations” of business listen to Tim’s training and marketing seminars and have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars by implementing his strategies.

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