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Need It Keep It Founder Doc Compton on The Chris Treece Show

Please join The Chris Treece Show on February 15th at 12 PM EST as My guest will be Need It Keep It Founder Doc Compton. Call in number is 347-633-9495.
The idea is that eventually, the envelope will find its way into the hands of someone who does need it, whilst having been added to by those along the way who might not have. The eventual recipient is blessed with the fruit of others’ generosity, and those who have passed it along and added to it have shared in the immense joy that only giving. More importantly, all those that this project touches will forever be changed, and their faith in human kindness will be strengthened and restored. We are 100% aware of the fact that this idea is not ours… It is an ancient principle, but, as we are people of action, we simply wanted to help promote the idea of giving!


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The Little Black Dress Society Founder Amanda Graybill on The Chris Treece Show

Amanda Graybill, Founder of the Little Black Dress Society, began the organization in 2009 with 14 women in San Antonio, Texas. It quickly grew to 75 women in 90 days in the San Antonio area and has reached other U.S. cities.  Her own experience with abuse as a young adult has given her the compassion and empathy toward women who have been abused and the passion to impact women’s lives.

Through her inspirational fiction, The Little Black Dress, she shares her own struggles and gives hope to women who are looking for unconditional love. Her personal journey of healing led Amanda to Love, Believe, and Dream and find the hope to remove the blindfold that hid the shame of abuse. 

Amanda believes that women need to know that they are loved. They need to know that they are not junk. They need to know that they are not doormats to be stepped on and battered and bruised physically or emotionally. This is her journey, but not hers alone. Many women are hurting, ashamed, and embarrassed, hiding behind a blindfold of hopelessness and pain.

Amanda’s driving force is giving women an opportunity to connect, network and give back to society. She believes that the best way to accomplish this is by helping women reach beyond themselves to women of all walks of life. Abuse crosses all social and economic boundaries–all women are affected.

The Little Black Dress Society is a classy organization representing a classic dress, but as Amanda is quick to point out, “It’s not about the dress, it’s about the woman wearing the dress.”

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Thank You To The Fans of The Chris Treece Show

Thank you to all of the fans of The Chris Treece Show for an AMAZING 2010 and I am looking forward to an AWESOME 2011.  Thanks for listening and Thanks for all of the support!!  Thanks for making The Chris Treece Show “THE HOTTEST SHOW ON THE INTERNET”

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Bonded Family Founder Dan Snell on The Chris Treece Show

Please Join The Chris Treece Show on January 25, 20011 at 12 PM EST as my guest will beBonded Family Founder Dan Snell.  Call in number is 347-633-9495.

Through joys and trials of their blended family experience, with no readily available Christian resources for blended families available at the time, they found themselves on their knees often in prayer… together seeking the Lord in times of tremendous praise and joy and yes the deep challenges and dynamics of step-family life. They were looking for help. 

To their amazement, they found that God began to lead them, guide them, and direct their paths….  His word began living in their lives.  The Holy Spirit was at work.  God showed them how to love and ‘bond’ to Him, and then through that ‘bond’, love each other and all their children.  The experience was so incredible to Dan and Rebecca, that they made it their life goal to walk alongside others in their blended family experiences.

Through the encouragement of Dr. Dan Erickson, nationally recognized speaker and author of ‘Finding Your Greater Yes’, and people like Dr. Ken Canfield, as well as family therapists, attorneys and even court system mediators, the vision for a faith-based message was born.
God then went to work in Dan and Rebecca.  They dove deep into the Word of God, seeking references and scripture to address the common challenges and dynamics of life.
He led them to ‘take their mess and turn it into His message’.  

They have seen first hand that God could bind two people to Himself and as a result, bind their marriage together.  Through that cord of three strands…they would not fail.  

Dan and Rebecca acknowledge and rejoice that God has allowed them to learn as much through their mistakes in stepfamily life, as they have from their victories and successes.  

Their goal is to see healing in families where their has been brokenness…so that the future, will not look like the past…and that the children, by understanding and watching who God was and what He can do in their lives…would be better equipped for their own marriages one day. 

Dan and Rebecca feel called to share with other families what God has shared with them.
They want to change the face of blended families, divorce and brokenness for children, extending their vision to leave a legacy that echoes in eternity for millions of families.

A LEGACY that says “Keep your eyes on God…not eyes on self”.
GOD CAN take your step-family…”From Broken to Blended to BONDED.”

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