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The Little Black Dress Society Founder Amanda Graybill on The Chris Treece Show

Amanda Graybill, Founder of the Little Black Dress Society, began the organization in 2009 with 14 women in San Antonio, Texas. It quickly grew to 75 women in 90 days in the San Antonio area and has reached other U.S. cities.  Her own experience with abuse as a young adult has given her the compassion and empathy toward women who have been abused and the passion to impact women’s lives.

Through her inspirational fiction, The Little Black Dress, she shares her own struggles and gives hope to women who are looking for unconditional love. Her personal journey of healing led Amanda to Love, Believe, and Dream and find the hope to remove the blindfold that hid the shame of abuse. 

Amanda believes that women need to know that they are loved. They need to know that they are not junk. They need to know that they are not doormats to be stepped on and battered and bruised physically or emotionally. This is her journey, but not hers alone. Many women are hurting, ashamed, and embarrassed, hiding behind a blindfold of hopelessness and pain.

Amanda’s driving force is giving women an opportunity to connect, network and give back to society. She believes that the best way to accomplish this is by helping women reach beyond themselves to women of all walks of life. Abuse crosses all social and economic boundaries–all women are affected.

The Little Black Dress Society is a classy organization representing a classic dress, but as Amanda is quick to point out, “It’s not about the dress, it’s about the woman wearing the dress.”

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