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Chris Weaver of The Chris Weaver Band on The Chris Treece Show

Please join The Chris Treece Show Thursday, January 27,2011 as my guest will be Chris Weaver of The Chris Weaver Band.  Show starts at 12 PM EST.

The history of the Chris Weaver Band is one that would be a great story if told over a few drinks and a late night. The reality is I don’t know why we found one another in this town, but we did. The truth is that our time together has been a rollercoaster of memories, some bad, but mostly good…and the true soul and back bone of this band is really just beginning to take shape.

It’s so hard in a place like Nashville to have a true “band” because a true band usually takes time to evolve. The players get better over time, you write together, fight together, and in the end…you become family.

The key to putting a band together here is work. If you can find steady gigs and write original music that brings you together, that is about the best shot you have to succeed as a group. After two and a half years of steady work and one hell of a sound, we are proud to say we have completed our first record.

We know that our history is still being written and hopefully we will get to see our dreams realized. The music business makes no sense at all, but we love our fans and firmly believe there is no better way to make a living.


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Recording Artist A. J. Croce on The Chris Treece Show

Please Join The Chris Treece Show on October 7, 2010 at 11 am CST as my guest will be Recording Artist A.J. Croce. Call in number is 347-633-9495.

Shortly before his father’s death in a 1973 plane crash, Croce’s family moved west to San Diego, California, where he was raised by his mother, Ingrid Croce.

At the age of four, Croce was completely blinded, as the result of a brain tumor. Between the ages of four and ten, Croce gradually regained vision in his left eye. It was during this difficult time in Croce’s life that he began to play the piano. “I learned to play music by listening and playing along to the radio and to records…” Croce says, “At some point I was given the music of Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder as inspiration, which it was, and has been ever since.”

Croce’s first paying gig was at the age of 12, when he was paid $20 to perform at a Bat Mitzvah party. By the age of 16, Croce was performing regularly at San Diego nightclubs, as a sideman and band leader. Croce reflects, “I was into every kind of music… you might say I was unfocused, but I consider an eclectic taste in music to be the foundation of versatility.” His house burned down when he was age 15.

Ron Goldstein and Peter Bauman of Private Music signed Croce to his first record deal at age 19. He recorded two CDs for Private Music: his self-titled debut, “A.J. Croce,” produced by T-Bone Burnett and John Simon, and “That’s Me In The Bar,” produced by Jim Keltner, and featuring artists such as Ry Cooder, David Hidalgo, and Keltner himself.

Croce’s third release, “Fit To Serve,” was recorded in Memphis, and produced by Jim Gaines, who had previously produced Van Morrison, Santana, and The Steve Miller Band. Croce then took a musical turn with the release of his album Transit. He explained, “I had been playing blues-based music for a long time, and I was ready to try something new.” Transit was compared by critics to the work of John Lennon, Elvis Costello, Bob Dylan, and Van Morrison. Glen Starkey of New Times labeled Croce “a song crafter of the first order”.

A fifth CD, titled “Adrian James Croce,” was released in the summer of 2004, and a sixth CD, Cantos, in 2006. He has performed as an opening act for artists such as Carlos Santana, Rod Stewart, Aretha Franklin, Willie Nelson, Lyle Lovett, James Brown, Ben Harper, Dave Matthews, Earth, Wind and Fire and Ray Charles. He has also performed on such national venues as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Late Show with David Letterman, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, The Today Show, Good Morning America, and Austin City Limits.

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