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“Think Great Lose Weight” Author Erik Therwanger on The Chris Treece Show

Join me Wednesday, December 16th on The Chris Treece Show as my guest will be “Think Great Lose Weight” and Think Great Lose Weight: 5 Steps To A Greater Life” Author Erik Therwanger.  Show Time is 11 AM CST. Call in number is 347-633-9495 

Erik is an inspirational speaker offering a unique coaching method.  Detailed in his book, Think GREAT, Erik not only delivers a powerful story, but inspires members of every organization to Think GREAT and achieve greatness, personally and professionally.

Every year, thousands, perhaps millions of people set the same New Year’s Resolution – lose weight! Although it is one of the most life changing goals, most people find themselves setting the exact same goal year after year. I know because it happened to me.  For most of my life, I had always been in great shape. I was an active child, playing soccer, basketball, baseball, and was on a swim team. Three weeks after turning eighteen, I took my active lifestyle to a whole new level – Marine Corps Boot Camp. I enlisted in 1987 and each of the 90 days was packed with physical activities.


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