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“Playing The Hand You’re Dealt” Author Trice Hickman on The Chris Treece Show

We have an AWESOME line up for the month of September. I hope you guys are ready. The show will now air 5 days a week. We have added Personal Growth on Tuesdays and Health and Fitness on Thursdays. Fridays are always Talking Tennessee Football.  I hope you enjoy and thanks for the support!! 

September 1st-   “Playing The Hand You’re Dealt” Author Trice Hickman

Trice Hickman’s love affair with books began at a very early age, setting the backdrop for her career in writing. She often says, “I’ve always loved reading and writing, so it’s no wonder I became an author.” In 2004, Tice completed the manuscript for her first novel, but was rejected by every agent and every publisher she submitted her work to. Determined to make her dream of becoming a published authorcome true, Trice formed her own publishing company, Platinum Books, and released her debut novel, Unexpected Interruptions, in November 2007. Her second novel, Keeping Secrets & Telling Lies, received wide praise from readers and literary reviewers across the country. Her third and latest novel, Playing the Hand You’re Dealt, made the Black Expressions TOP 100 Bestsellers listbefore it was officially released. Trice is eager to share her work with readers and book clubs during her 2010 book tour. Trice earned a BA degree from Winston-Salem  State University and an MA degree from Wake Forest University. She lives in Washington, DC, where she is currently working on her next book.

Book Synopsis:
Emily Snow and Samantha Baldwin are best friends who are as different as catfish and caviar. Emily’s a “good” girl who makes good decisions, plays by the rules, and does all the right things, while Samantha’s a wild rebel who does what she wants without a second thought. Yet, they share an unwavering bond that ties them closer than blood sisters. But their long-standing friendship is tested when Emily acts upon the one thing her heart has always secretly desired…her best friend’s father!

Title: Playing the Hand You’re Dealt
Author: Trice Hickman
Publisher: Platinum Books
ISBN: 9780979561825
Pub date: August 24, 2010
List price: $15.00


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